Dundee has always been a part of Abandon Ship, the hometown of creator Richard Davies, it has always had a special place in our hearts. 
In 2016 we opened our new warehouse facility in Dundee, moving the whole operation from Glasgow back to our hometown, with a bigger space purposely built for large scale global shipping in a sustainable environment.
Late 2017 saw the opening of our first Abandon Ship flagship store since 2015. Opening its doors on Exchange Street in the heart of the city. We built it within weeks and on a tiny budget. The aim was to create a pop up space over the Christmas period to aid the brands marketing and offer our local customers a stylised home of the brand. Within weeks we knew that we had create something special and that it needed to become a permanent fixture in the city.
The store moved locations in 2018 but due to a change of operational management we moved on in late 2018.
May 2019 will see the return of our original store at 17 Exchange Street.
More information to follow.


The next step for us is opening our own bar in Dundee and bringing the night life, drinks and food to the city that we think it needs! We opened our doors in December of 2018 and it has become a hotspot of culture in Dundee. Just a stone throw away from our soon to reopen store and the train station and V&A on Whitehall Crescent it is located in the very heart of the redeveloped waterfront in the city. With over 70 square meters of art work on the walls, a great menu and intoxicating atmosphere it is a place that cannot be missed. 

Our next project in April 2019 is Gnarly Pizza Co - an creatively driven pizza delivery company built on our love for food and the crazy. Keep an eye out! 

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable neighbourhood in Dundee focusing on independent business, art and culture. Fuelled by passion we aim to carve out a destination that will bring people to our city so we can show them what we love. 


Thank You

Abandon Ship